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Threat Hunting


By proactively hunting down threats, you can unmask every adversary, reduce dwell times, and avoid successful attacks.

Threat Hunting at QBS

Our Threat Hunting service enables you to uncover attackers wherever they hide by combining world-class threat hunters with Cortex XDR technology that runs on endpoint, network and cloud data sources.


Don’t do it alone. Here’s why.

Lack of Time

Most teams don’t have the time to proactively hunt for threats

Lack of Resources

Many teams lack advanced threat hunters dedicated to finding attacks

Missed Attacks

Without manual threat hunting, organizations may not find the stealthiest attacks

Unrivaled visibility uncovers threats that siloed tools miss

All cloud models are susceptible to threats. Cloud security services offers all the functionality of traditional IT security, and allows businesses to harness the many advantages of cloud computing while remaining secure and also ensure that data privacy and compliance requirements are met.

Let our world-renowned hunters
work for you

Threat Hunting-02

Built on Cortex XDR

The rich data and analytics of Cortex XDR power unrivaled threat hunting

Backed by Unit 42

Let world-renowned threat hunters monitor your environment for the stealthiest attacks
Threat Hunting-04

Enriched with Context

Cross-customer threat intelligence informs Threat Reports and Impact Reports

Clear, prescriptive results let
you act with confidence

Learn about attacks instantly with detailed Threat Reports
Stay ahead of emerging threats with impact Reports
Receive guidance and recommended next steps to resolve incidents
Directly communicate with Unit 42 analysts to review their findings
Reduce business risk by quickly uncovering stealthy threats