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Unleash The Maximum Potential of Data

Storage has become a key component for businesses around the world as all your end-user data and critical business information is stored there and it is imperative and absolutely essential that you keep it safe. QBS Storage Solutions helps your organization to gain faster and real-time insights through Artificial Intelligence, deploy applications, improve mobility and improve overall data protection and cyber resiliency.


Having partnered with the most advanced vendors in storage technology, we offer a wide range of innovative & latest Enterprise Storage Solutions & Products



Seamless and secure integration with the cloud.


Pay for the space you need and scale as your business grows.

Artificial Intelligence

Transform your data infrastructure by using AI.

Leverage QBS’ intelligent yet
Storage Solutions



Enterprises have a tremendous amount of data these days and keeping it in a physical place requires physical intervention and cost that goes with that. QBS offers you a world-class cloud storage system for your organization where data can be stored on a virtual cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.


Once your enterprise is synced with the cloud; your data is automatically transferred and securely kept there. The stored information is not only safe but doesn’t take any physical space and can easily be accessed by you from anywhere in the world.


Businesses today can’t afford to have a downtime or data loss as that will lead to huge losses and it will affect their reputation as well. QBS Storage Solution ensures that your data is distributed across redundant servers, thus making it extremely safe.


Reduce your overcall business costs by opting for QBS Online Data Storage Solutions. You can also get rid of any physical hardware or physical space as your data is safely transferred to the cloud.


Enterprises dread creating data backups and scheduling them as they might hamper their daily operations. With our Cloud Storage Solution; we have solved your problem as this tedious task is easily done through automation without affecting any day-to-day business operation.

Seamless Sharing

Once you are up and running with our Cloud Storage Solution, you can share information with your clients or colleagues in a secure way.


Now that we have taken care of all your data needs; you can solely focus on business growth. We also help you seamlessly scale if the business requires more data storage and wants to scale quickly.

Today, as enterprise are becoming more and more digitally reliant, they want their servers and systems to meet their workload demands.

QBS offers the most comprehensive set of enterprise servers and systems that will help your organization with – overcoming infrastructure and application challenges, end-to-end solutions for maximum performance and diverse set of workloads from core to cloud to edge. Modernize your IT infrastructure, achieve scalability and pave the way for maximum success by equipping your organization with the latest and the most competent servers and systems.

Find out how QBS can help you transform your business

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