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Superior Flexibility, Speed and Security!

In today’s global economy, enterprises around the world need to have a secure and advanced infrastructure in order to be ahead of the competition. QBS have always integrated the most innovative and radical technologies and solutions; and with us on your side, you can ensure optimum application performance, the highest level of security, maximum customer satisfaction and simplified user experience.


Main Advantages of QBS
Physical Servers



Predict and prevent problems with the help of integrated Artificial Intelligence operations and get in-depth insights into the health of your infrastructure.


Accelerate service and application delivery with the support of a single interface that is engineered with software-defined intelligence.


Our experts at QBS help rapid deployment and setup of physical servers and make sure that there is no scope for error.

Single Infrastructure

Support current and next-gen apps that have diverse service-level objectives and vast infrastructure requirements with a single infrastructure.


Leverage a single infrastructure for virtual, containerized and physical workloads and simplify overall IT operations, free up resources and eliminate costly silos.

High-Density Servers

Our density-optimized servers are designed in such a way that they can power any business requirement.

Software-Defined Infrastructure
for Unmatched Success

Artificial Intelligence

- Make better decisions
- Global visibility
- Seamless Infrastructure support

Integrating AI-driven operations with the cloud will help your organization achieve optimal performance. With our cloud-based machine learning solutions for performance monitoring, you will be able to predict and prevent problems in an efficient manner.


- Optimized workload
- Holistic security
- Built-in Intelligence

Leverage our latest and innovative server and system solutions like server automation, server optimization and server security and integrate it with a hybrid cloud platform for simplification and automation of the entire infrastructure.

Complete Transformation

- Comprehensive ecosystem
- Modern data center
- Software-defined approach

QBS software-defined server and system solutions will transform your storage, networking and servers. Equip your organization with a modern dashboard and effective workflow automation.

Experience Highest Level of
Security and Reliability With QBS
Servers and Systems


Accelerate and derive maximum performance of your enterprise computing tasks by equipping yourself with the most innovative software- defined infrastructure.


Be it private cloud, public cloud or on-premise, QBS Computers servers and systems can be seamlessly integrated with any deployment model depending on your business needs.


Our solutions boast a wide range of features like – built-in data encryption for securing critical business data, compliance auditing and application memory protection.


Simplify administration, accelerate service delivery and have better control and manageability across devices with QBS Computers Servers and Systems.

Maximize Your IT Performance

Today, as enterprise are becoming more and more digitally reliant, they want their servers and systems to meet their workload demands.

QBS offers the most comprehensive set of enterprise servers and systems that will help your organization with – overcoming infrastructure and application challenges, end-to-end solutions for maximum performance and diverse set of workloads from core to cloud to edge. Modernize your IT infrastructure, achieve scalability and pave the way for maximum success by equipping your organization with the latest and the most competent servers and systems.

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