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Endpoint Devices

Endpoint Devices

Organizations exist and thrive in an ever-growing digital world with numerous users and devices connected across the globe.

Managing large scale user setups can be a tremendous challenge. At QBS, our End User Computing portfolio incorporates the best in class devices from leading vendors – combined with a set of solutions that are built around securing your applications, data and devices used on a daily basis. We also boast a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions that helps you focus solely on business acceleration. Equip your business with a holistic view of the entire end-user experience and effectively account for all systems and devices that are used daily.

Why partner with QBS



Our solutions offer Bringing Your Own Device and extreme mobility to end-users.


With our experts on your side, you have access to a centralized system that can manage data and desktops within the data center.


Drastically increase security and simplify the user experience by leveraging unified solutions.


End-users can greatly benefit from these solutions and can seamlessly work on multiple devices from anywhere in the world.

Achieve More With a Wide Variety of Products

QBS have partnered with the world’s most innovative vendors and offer a variety of products and IT solutions services that will help your business achieve more.

Enterprise Security

Leverage maximum
performance with
utmost security

Connect Anywhere

Seamlessly connect
from anywhere,

Fast Charge

Always keep your
device ready and get
more work done

Professional Apps

Built-in professional
apps for maximum


Leverage pre-tested
and most innovative
solutions out there


Ensure fast, effective
and reliable


Solutions that are not
only advanced but
also durable


Increase performance
without increasing your


Equipped with the
world’s most
powerful processors


Equip yourself with
secure devices that
are cloud-based

Empower Your Work & Accelerate Productivity

Bring your complete digital workspace to life and holistically look at the end-user experience with the help of QBS Business Desktop Solutions. All your employees and users need access to an effective digital platform to be more productive, be it on-premise or while working remotely. We have partnered with the world’s most trusted vendors to provide you with innovative solutions and tools that will accelerate business productivity.


A Set Of Comprehensive Solutions And Products To Enable Future Growth


Performance Solutions

QBS bring you the most effective products that are designed to take on today’s workloads. Our portfolio includes Business laptops, desktops and notebooks.
- Premium: Enhanced power, business-class security and expansion
- Designs: Innovative and space-saving sleek designs without compromising on performance
- Deploy: Leverage our intuitive interface products that are easy to set-up

Heavy-Workload Solutions

From computer-intensive tasks to the most demanding applications out there – our solutions will put you on a path of unmatched success.
- Power: Achieve maximum power, especially when the stakes are the highest, enhanced power, business-class security and expansion
- Professionals: Creative and technical professionals can derive maximum benefit
- Workload: Efficiently manage the heaviest of workloads and the most demanding business applications

Mainstream Solutions

Equip your organization with the most trusted Mainstream Business Laptops. QBS offer a wide variety of products so that you can choose the right technology for your business.
- Cost-effective: Take care of everyday business needs with an affordable set of tools
- Expand: Derive maximum benefit from a combination of expandability and performance
- Manage: Equip your business with tools that have comprehensive manageability and strong security

Cloud Solutions

We offer you an elaborate portfolio of Business Laptops that boast devices that are cloud-ready.
- Virtual: Gain an unparalleled advantage with devices built for virtual and cloud-based businesses
- Compact: Cutting-edge designs that are compact yet provide the highest performance
- Versatile: Our solutions are manageable, versatile and tailored to your workstyles and diverse performance requirements

Point of Sale Solutions

Our products will ensure that you empower your employees and engage customers in the most effective manner.
- Consistent: Achieve maximum performance that is not only consistent but also convenient
- Trust: Technology solutions that your employees and customers can count on
- Manage: From the backend office to the store floor – effectively and seamlessly manage your retail business
Choose the right technology partner
for better business solutions

Optimize IT assets and overall performance by leveraging a wide variety of Business Laptops offered by QBS Computers. Our tremendous amount of experience and expertise will help architect, support and manage your IT environment so that you can focus on scaling your business

– Solutions For Healthcare
Achieve higher patient satisfaction with our tailor-made, smart and safe healthcare devices.

– Solutions For Education
QBS along with its partners offer you world-class solutions that are designed for learning and are developed primarily for schools and educational institutions.